Inclusive Tap Dance Class

Inclusive Tap!

 Come and join Inclusive Tap!
​Enjoy great music from a bygone era, put on your happy feet (no shoes required) have a seat and have some fun! You will be getting a workout and learning some tap dance steps in the process! In this class you will be able to learn the basics of tap dance, steps and terms, and fun choreography all from the comfort of a chair or your wheel chair! In this class we will do an easy warm up, learn great tap steps, do some routine dancing and cool down!
No special shoes or clothing required! 

At Your Location

Contact me and I will come to you! If you have group of people you want adaptive and inclusive movement activities I will come to you and teach an Inclusive Dancing orTap Dance class.  The first one is always free!

Suggrsted For:

Community Centers

Dance Studios

Senior Adult Communities

Specail Needs Schools

Specail Needs groups/programs


Children's Medical centers

Childrens Hospitals

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